We SPECIALISE in Property Management and we are good at what we do. This is why we believe that we can provide you with six guarantees that completely take the stress out of owning an investment property.

1. 21 Day guarantee

We will guarantee that we can find you a quality tenant that meets our criteria for your home in 21 Days or the first 2 months of your Property Management is free.

Our only conditions for the 21 day guarantee is that Residential Rentals Limited sets the final rental amount paid by the tenant, and that the home and section must be of the high standards set by our company.



We at Residential Rentals will guarantee that the tenant we approve for your property will pay the full 52 weeks of rent each year. In other words Residential Rentals will guarantee your rent each year that the tenant is occupying your property.

Our only conditions are that we select the tenant through our strict screening process. We also set the rent at what we believe is a fair market rate at the time of advertising for a tenant. The property is maintained to a high standard by the owner, who will have maintenance completed at the time requested by Residential Rentals. If Residential Rentals management believe that the owner of the property is not keeping up with maintaining the property, then Residential Rentals will give notice to the owner that the Rental Guarantee will be cancelled.


3. 2 month trial period GUARANTEE

Residential Rentals are saying to you that we will give you 2 months free trial period. We are serious about our commitment to provide the best property management service to the home owners. We make this commitment so that you can see how good we are. If you are not happy after 2 months of our service we will return all documentation to you within 48 hours.



If our services within the first 4 weeks disappoint you and we cannot resolve the problem then we are more than happy to return the last four weeks management fee.


5. Animal free guarantee

We guarantee not to allow tenants to keep any animals of any kind on the property.


6. 6 MONTH + Guarantee of service

We guarantee that if you are dissatisfied with any of our services, and after a period of 6 months after your dissatisfaction was brought to our attention the problem has still not been resolved, then we will provide you with 2 months free managements fees.

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