tenant selection

Identifying Quality prospective Tenants

All property owners want their Property Managers to find them the best tenants. Tenants that respect and take care of their properties, and always pay their rent on time.

As Property Managers we listen, and we will do our very best to provide the best tenants for our owners, that meet our strict criteria.

It all starts with the initial interview and meeting of prospective tenants, whether it is at a private viewing or at an open home.

Below are set out the strict criteria developed by Alan Rolston, Director and Owner of Residential Rentals, from his vast knowledge and experience obtained from owning and managing his first rental property over forty years ago.


residential rentals tenant selection criteria

  • Do they take their shoes off before entering the house?

  • Do they communicate in a pleasant manner?

  • How well are they presented? Are they tidy and hygienic?

  • If they have children, are the children also respectful? Are they allowed to climb over furniture and run around the house uncontrolled?

  • What type of vehicle do they drive? Does it have a warrant of fitness and registration? Is it kept in a tidy condition, both inside and out?

  • How many people are expected to live in the house? (The fewer people the less wear and tear on the house.)

What are we looking for when we identify a prospective tenant?

All tenants must provide us with all the information that we request. If a tenant is reluctant to provide us with this information then the application goes no further until the information is provided. Our experience is that an applicant that is reluctant to provide this information is normally hiding something that would jeopardise their application.

how do we check an applicant?

With the information provided we confirm their payment and tenancy history by calling their current and/or previous landlord/agent as well as confirming their employment, checking them against a national database to see if they have been lodged as a bad tenant by a previous agent, or have an unsatisfactory credit history.

In some cases where an applicant may not have a tenancy history we try to confirm other information that may give us insight to show their ability to maintain a tenancy in your rental property, for example a stable employment history.

We assess their ability to pay the rent having been provided with evidence of income. This assessment is made on similar criteria to a bank assessing an applicant for a mortgage. We often inspect their current place of residency.

In some cases where this is not possible we may simply reject the application.

To see exactly what information we require from tenants, please have a look at our Tenant Application Form.