tenant insurance

It should only cost tenants only a few dollars a week but it could save you millions.


All of our tenants are strongly advised to take out contents insurance to guard against being sued for damaging rental properties.

Even the most basic contents policy should contain provisions to insure tenants against carrying the liability for the entire cost of a house rebuild in the event of a terrible accident.

All tenants should have a contents policy that has at least $1 million legal liability cover for claims against tenants by third parties. An example is if a tenant was to have a party and uninvited people turned up and caused major damage. Your policy should also cover any damage caused by invited guests. We suggest you read and understand your insurance policy to make sure you know what the terms are.

All tenants should also have contents insurance of a minimum of $10,000.

Over many years of property management we have seen a number of accidents caused by tenants, some of whom had insurance, and some of whom did not.

We recommend:

  • Take out contents insurance 

  • The insurance should automatically cover not only your possessions but also the contents of the house you rent.

  • Make sure you are covered in case of a house fire

  • Note that without insurance you can be sued for the full rebuild cost.

  • Be careful when you invite guests around. You are responsible for them and their actions.