How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

This is a common question and there is no guarantee on how long it takes to rent a property. We will provide you with professional advice on how to best present your property and the current market rates to ensure we are attracting the best tenants. There are many6 factors that can influence how long it will take to find a tenant for your property but rest assured we won't just put anyone in your property to fill a vacancy. if you have selected our Platinum package, you will be covered under our 21 Day Guarantee.


Is an agents location important to their ability to manage my property?

One of the most common misconceptions about finding an agent to manage your property is that they need to be located in the neighbourhood. With today's technology over 95% of our entire tenant enquiry now comes from the internet meaning that we can quickly and easily rent our properties in a very large geographical area as well as nationwide. We can also access rents in any given area to determine the current market rent for a particular property. At Residential Rentals we easily manage properties throughout Auckland and Nationwide.


What happens if my tenant doesn't pay rent?

We monitor tenant arrears on a daily basis, which enables us to act on arrears or missed payments immediately. When a tenant is in arrears we contact them via telephone and then follow up with an email, letter or text message to advise their rent is overdue, and request immediate payment. If the tenant does not contact to make arrangements, or arrangements are not adhered to, a 14 Day Notice will be issued to make payment, or further action through Tenancy Services will be undertaken.

Once a 14 Day Notice has been issued and if the tenant fails to comply, this will result in an application being filed for 'Termination of Tenancy' under Section 56 of the Residential Tenancies Act. At day 14 of arrears we will then visit the property to check from the outside to see if the tenant has abandoned the premises, which is an insurance policy requirement.

If the tenant has abandoned the property and the rent is at least one day in arrears we will make an application to the Tenancy Tribunal for termination and possession based upon abandonment under Section 61 of the Residential Tenancies Act.

The time taken to achieve termination can vary according to the length of time the Tenancy Tribunal takes to arrange a hearing. We will continue with you throughout this process and a Notice to Vacate will never be issued without discussing the situation with you first. It is our intention at all times to minimise any loss to the owner so these actions need to be carried out properly.


Do I need landlord insurance?

We recommend you have comprehensive landlord insurance policy for your rental property to cover every eventuality in addition to a standard house insurance policy. Landlord insurance protects you in the event of a tenant not paying rent, departing the property early or maliciously damaging the property. It also includes legal liability as a landlord. Insurance is fully tax deductible and if you require an excellent broker we are happy to point you in the right direction.


What happens if you want to move back in?

When its time to move back home you can contact your property manager and they will notify your tenants. If your tenants are on a fixed term lease then we must either wait for this term to come to an end or negotiate an alternate arrangement with your tenants. If you are considering moving back in to the property, you are best to discuss this at the time of your tenants renewal and transfer your tenants onto a periodic tenancy. If your tenants are on a periodic tenancy you have to give them just 42 days notice to vacate the property.


What happens if I want to sell?

We specialise in managing investment property however we also understand that part of investing in property is buying and selling. We are fortunate to work with excellent salespeople who we feel confident in recommending their services to you. We can arrange a free market appraisal for you and work with you and your tenants to ensure the property is presented in its best condition for sale and you can continue to receive income while the property is on the market. When you want to buy or sell a property call us directly and we can assist you with this.