Tenant handbook

For a complete guide on what we expect from our tenants, and what you can expect from us, please have a look at our Tenant Handbook. If you rent a property with us, you will already have received a printed copy at your Move In however if this has been lost, please let us know and we can get another printed copy out to you.


Fix it techniques

Please see our Fix It Techniques Guide for some general tips on keeping your property clean and tidy, keeping it pest-free, and managing minor accidents. For more serious maintenance issues, please see our Repair Tips And Troubleshooting Guide.

Troubleshooting repairs

what to do if something is not working as it should



Refer to the Repair Tips and Troubleshooting Guide in the Tenant Booklet you received when you moved in or click here to download.



If you are unable to resolve the problem by referring to the tenant booklet as per step 1, email us at admin@residentialrentals.co.nz  or call during office hours.


Our after hours emergency numbers are 022 018 4652 or 021 742 730. Prior to calling this number, please refer to the tenants repair trouble shooting guide below. Please do not send an e-mail if it is an emergency.





Please ensure correct connections from the super tub to your own washing machine are done prior to using the machine. The first few times that you are using the washing machine, please leave the super tub door open, and check whilst the washing machine is running that the hoses are not leaking. If they are leaking then please unscrew hoses and re-screw again if this fails then please do not use your machine until we have had a plumber to attend to replace the thread or washers on the super tub side which is the owners responsibility. If it your washing machine hoses leaking then please note that you will need to attend to the repair of your washing machine hose at your own cost.

Remember this is not an urgent matter and can wait to be reported on the next business day to the office.