Property inspection information

The information provided is a guide to the regular inspections, which we will complete regularly between 2-4 times a year depending on the requirements of the Landlords Insurance Policy. We will give you at least 6 days notice before we wish to complete the maintenance inspection.


  • Every 3 to 6 months.

  • A day and approximate entry time is provided to you as required by the Residential Tenancy Act.

  • Due to time restraints and schedules allocated for property inspections, it is difficult to rearrange times, however, in extreme circumstances, please contact our office to request a change of entry.

  • Your presence at the inspection is welcome, but not necessary, as the staff member conducting the inspection will have the set of agency keys.


The main purpose of the inspection is to visually inspect the areas of the property listed below, and identify repairs and maintenance needed. A report is prepared and forwarded to the owner for their instructions.



If you have an emergency at your property we are available 24/7 for emergencies. Phone 022 018 4652 or 021 742 730. If you have a plumbing emergency and water is leaking inside the property, please turn the water off at the mains to minimise any damage.If you have an electrical issue such as no power, please check that there are no faults in the street and also check your fuse box as there may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs re-setting.

If you require maintenance at your property and it is not urgent please call us or email your property manager the next business day and we will get this arranged for you.