Residential Rentals are the 

Property Management Specialists  in providing personal attention to the management of your  investment properties.  Do you own a good quality rental property and are looking to make the most  of  your  investment? No  doubt  you  have considered  approaching  a  property  management company to see what they can do for you.

But where to start?
Many  so-called  property  management companies are  actually  in the business of selling properties - and that's where their energies are directed.
At Residential Rentals we take a different approach to the management of our properties. We have an excellent ratio of staff-to-properties, and our knowledge and experience means that your property is managed the way you want it to be, without your having to attend to it's every need.  We specialise in  good quality homes,  good  quality tenants and are 100% focused on  Property  Management.   Its all we do and that  means one thing  - you get really good at it.  Now you can have  Residential Rentals, the Property Management Specialists,  manage your property for  FREE  for the first month to experience the difference!       Click here to experience your first month FREE      


Property Investors ...

Are Rental prices slowing down? Find out what rent you should be getting!


Simply enter your property details and we will  email you a free appraisal as to what your investment should be worth.



Property Management Specialists ...

Its  all  Residential Rentals do, and when you do the same thing over and over again, you get very good at it.


So good that we have a unique Property Management Guarantee!

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Residential Rentals have been managing our rental properties since 2003.  We have always been delighted with the highly professional standard of service we have received.  Their staff are well-trained, pleasant and always available to give advice and guidance. Landlord-A. Doggett.Why choose Residential Rentals? Click here. 


Do you own an investment property that is managed by a traditional Real Estate Agent?  Chances are your Real Estate Agent focuses on selling properties rather than managing investment properties?   Every year hundreds of property investors realise that the best agent to manage their property is not their local Real Estate Agent but a specialist property manager.    That's why they make the switch to Residential Rentals. As Property Management Specialists our core focus, unlike Real Estate Agents, is just property management.

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