Why use a Property Manager


Understandably choosing the right company to manage your investment property or family home is a big decision. It is essential that you find a company in whom you trust, who have a long history of taking care of other peoples investment properties, and have a strong focus on communication and outstanding customer service.


At Residential Rentals we understand being good property managers is all about understanding your needs. We are specialists in property management, it's all we do, and when you do the same thing over and over again, you get very good at it. We understand that investment properties should make you money, not create work and stress.


If you own a rental property, whether it be an investment property or your family home but you're sitting on the fence on whether to hire a property manager, we have complied the following questions to help you determine if you should hire a professional to manage on of your largest assets.


Question.pngHow close do you live to your rental property and how often can you visit the property on a regular basis?


Question.png How much experience do you have with maintenance and repairs?


Question.png How confident are you with confronting tenants about late rent payments?


Question.png How well do you understand the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and the current/upcoming legislation relevant to owning a rental property?


Question.png Are you willing to be on call for your tenants 24/7, 365 days a year?


Question.pngDo you know for certain what the market rents are in your area?


Question.png Are you confident you have the experience to find the best tenant for your property without the access to comprehensive tenant background and credit checking systems?


Question.png Are you feeling overwhelmed with you property(s)?


Question.png Are you capable of handling the accounting and record keeping for your property?


Question.png Is managing your property the best use of your time?


Need help with managing your rental property?Are you looking to buy or want to see if we can do better than what you've currently got?

Give us a call or contact us via email for a no obligation discussion to see how we can help assist you get the most out of your investment property. We look forward to hearing from you.