If you’re not satisfied with the service you are receiving with your current property manager and would like to make the switch to Residential Rentals Ltd this is simple and won’t cost you a thing! We can arrange for the transfer of management of your property, regardless of the current lease in place. 

There are no costs incurred from our office and your current agent can not apply any additional fees unless you have agreed to this in your property management agreement. If there is a fee, then we will happily discuss covering the cost for you to make the switch. Once we have a signed property management agreement, enabling us to act on your behalf and a transfer of property management form.

We will organise for the tenant to be notified and for the keys and all relevant documentation to be collected from your managing agent.

Once we have the relevant paperwork and documentation we will communicate with your tenants to ensure a smooth transition of rental payments and signing of documentation. We will also complete an inspection of the rental property and provide you with a detailed condition report covering maintenance and an updated assessment of your property.

We will then continue to offer you ongoing support, professional knowledgeable advice and our personalised hands on service to you.